Math Interventions

As with the development of reading skills in those with dyslexia, students with math learning differences require tailored instruction to acquire fundamental mathematical skills.

Students also deserve to feel the self-confidence and sense of efficacy that comes with learning these critical skills.

Our team is developing targeted, mathematical interventions based on the dyscalculia subtypes identified by our UCSF Dyscalculia Subtyping Battery (UCSF-DSB):

Our pilot intervention is going to focus on arithmetic fact retrieval and reconstruction based on multisensory integration. The goal is to improve children’s learning techniques for multiplication tables and help them reconstruct multiplication facts using addition and subtraction strategies.

Beginning with addition and subtraction facts within 20, we are developing a 12-week sequence of lessons designed to be delivered by trained mathematics educators and interventionists.

We will assess the efficacy of our targeted interventions by re-administering the UCSF-DSB to the children in the study.

See some examples below of the materials we are currently developing: