UCSF Dyscalculia Subtyping Battery

How can we identify specific math learning differences in children?

There is currently no consensus about the different subtypes of math learning differences in children. Therefore, currently it is very challening for clinicians to diagnose developmental dyscalculia.

Based on extensive neuroscientific literature (see publications below) that has identified partially dissociable brain networks for different math domains, we created the The UCSF Dyscalculia Subtyping Battery (DSB).

We have already piloted the UCSF-DSB in over 250 students from grades 2 to 8. Our results demonstrate that the UCSF-DSB can reliably identify four subtypes of math learning differences:

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See example items below from the subtests of the UCSF-DSB:

In addition to elementary math abilities, the UCSF-DSB also targets:

Next Steps

Develop a simplified UCSF web-based math battery to identify children at risk for math learning differences prior to elementary school.

Key references that guided the development of the UCSF-DSB: